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"Choose Kindness" Pillowcase PRE-ORDERS ONLY

"Choose Kindness" Pillowcase PRE-ORDERS ONLY


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*For PRE-ORDERS ONLY. Our "Choose Kindness" fundraiser will benefit the Martin Richard Foundation. 

PRE-ORDERS FOR THIS PILLOWCASE WILL END TUESDAY, MAY 1ST. Pillowcases will be shipped by June 1st. 

The Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation Inc. was formed by the parents of eight-year-old Martin Richard, who was killed in the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013.  In the days after his death, a photo of Martin holding a  handmade poster that read “No more hurting people. Peace” was shared over the Internet.   Martin’s view of peace went well beyond simply wanting to prevent violence. To Martin, peace meant togetherness, teamwork, fairness, sportsmanship, inclusion, and kindness. Purchase a "Choose Kindness" pillowcase in in his honor. 

*Please note: When ordering this pillowcase, it will not be shipped until June 1st. Payment will be collected when your order is placed.